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Morciano's evaluation methodology is certified
by SQS/Swiss Assessment

Our methods cover the most important competences and provide crucial information on relevant issues in all dimensions: strategy and company policy leadership, interpersonal leadership and operational management.

Our approach focuses on company specific issues to establish a valuable foundation sustainable business development.

Assessments can be carried out in German, French, English and Italian. Our assessors and experts are experienced leaders and psychologists with management experience and therefore able to form a differentiated assessment and an optimal practice transfer of the results.

Our assessment procedures meet the standards of Swiss Assessment and are certified by SQS/Swiss Assessment.



Board Assessment:

Top management level with pronounced strategic and corporate policy responsibility.

Executive Assessment:

Position in Senior and Top Management with strategic orientation and high accountability.

1-2 days


Management Assessment:

Middle management with a pronounced focus on the establishment of structures, plans and processes for the achievement of goals, direct and indirect personnel management as well as operational profitability.

1-2 days

management level

Basic management assessment:

Team leader positions with special focus on operative tasks with direct management and coordination.

1 day

(Second Opinion)

Second opinion with focus on relevant selected issues for management decisions.

0.5 days

specific areas

Sales Assessment:

Positions with marketing responsibility and selected, relevant expertise.

1 day


Assessment of potential:

Determine executive ability with special focus on prognosis and development recommendations.

1 day

Additional offers

The most important step in the appointment of a vacant position is the pre-selection process.

morciano global assessment will be there to support you competently and pragmatically. Our many years of experience and expertise, our diagnostic systems and our systematic approach create clarity in the search process and precision in information retrieval during pre-evaluation.

We offer our support and
accompany you throughout
the whole pre-selection process
or individual stages.

Target profile

Creating a target profile. Composing a target profile based on relevant questions, challenges and competences.

First level selection

Specify a structured selection procedure according to key competences, skills and experiences based on the application documents.

Second level selection

Develop a structured selection process, according to key skills and experiences based on test diagnostic methods, interviews and short interpersonal behavioural exercises during job interviews.

References (credentials)

Support by systematic and structured information gathering on key skills, accomplishments, abilities and experience based on references.


Concept or support in the implementation of a concise recruitment model based on the search profile, with an optimal distribution of tasks between the HR business partners involved, as well as specialists and management.


Interview training to ensure focussed information aquisition during the job interview.

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COMPETENCE MODEL Morciano global

Our procedures are based on the Competence Model morciano global. We evaluate the candidate's action competence and its influence on leadership qualities.

The company's Competence Model is precise and clear cut. The focus is on personality and values, social competence, leadership skills as well as cognitive and methodical competences.

Competence forms the basis for leadership, which we evaluate in terms of three dimensions: interpersonal leadership, operational leadership as well as strategic and corporate policy leadership.

Morciano's Competence model. Strategic/interpersonal and operational management dimensions.
We use function specific competence models in marketing and HR management.

Our models and processes are flexible and considered as a basis. They can be adapted to individual needs and to company specific competency models.


The assessments consist of realistic interpersonal exercises, conceptual work and selected, validated test diagnostic procedures.

The candidate's skills competency is assessed by the relevant observers and specialists.

  • Structured interviews

  • Prepared case studies

  • Test diagnostic personality and management analysis

  • Interactive conversation exercises

  • Practice-oriented management tasks

  • Instant Feedback


The choice of exercises as well as content are aligned to specific requirements and can be individually adapted as required.


The processing of a mandate is standardised:

the target profile

Order clarification, creating a target profile

  • Capture strategic company specific and operational challenges (objectives)

  • Clarify company specific systemic and cultural issues (values, culture and leadership principles)

  • Definition of the necessary competences and skills (criteria)

  • Discovering relative interpersonal aspects (system factors)

  • Defining the process, reporting format and post-meeting procedures

Conception and

Conception and Organisation

  • Compiling the competence profile with the chosen key criteria (action competence)

  • Defining key criteria based on the short, middle and long term challenges (management dimensions)

  • Selection of the test diagnostic procedures and conception of assessments based on the target competences to be assessed

  • Preparing the invitation and formulating the preparation order

Implementation and

Implementation and verification

  • Verification of the candidate with regard to selected key criteria, personality and values, social competence, as well as cognitive and methological abilities with the help of test-diagnostic procedures and interpersonal behavioural exercises

  • Review of the candidate with regard to selected key criteria, interpersonal behavioural exercises and case studies

  • Performing interactive, dynamic learning sequences (feedback)



  • Creating a suitability report or development report (target balance; potential estimation) with action and development measures



  • The reports are then given to the client

  • After the results have been approved, they will be discussed with the decision makers or the candidate

Quality of

Quality of inspection

  • morciano global assessment continuously checks the validity of its assessment centres

Important and
to be clarified
in advance:

How is the course for the management decision planned?
How and in what form are the results to be communicated and discussed?

Reports and

We create a meaningful assessment report in consultation with the client (Options):

Detailed report:

Differentiated description of performance and potential in prose text (prosatext) with an executive summary, description of individual dimensions, strengthen the strengths and weaknesses as well as developments. All results are also shown as a graph.

Summary (short report):

Description of the relevant skills in prose text (prosatext) with potential, overall view of strengths and weaknesses as well as development recommendations. All results are shown as a graph.

Tabular report:

Keyword description of individual competences, overview of strengths and weaknesses as well as development recommendations. Skills are shown as a graph.


On the basis of the report a detailed feedback discussion is held with the applicant and candidate, showing results, evaluations and development recommendations.

All reports are
handled in

In order to protect the candidate, the reports are intended for the contractor only. Electronic information is kept in our secure servers, for a maximum of 2 years. All printed documents are destroyed immediately after the assessment.


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Our consulting company has 10 years experience in the fields of assessment, diagnostics and consulting & training.

The history of morciano global inc. began in 2007 with the founding of wider & morciano Ltd. The company seat has been in Bern since that time. Today the owners are Franco Morciano and Mario Morciano and our team currently consists of 10 co-workers.

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