Business intelligence and information sharing is key to successful management teams

Scientifically based diagnostic procedures and carefully conceived collaborative surveys are the basis for sustainable corporate development.

morciano global diagnostic establishes procedures and instruments to provide absolute transparency, competence and security for important management issues.

We analyse your company, management, teams or departments as well as individual co-workers and managers, thus laying the foundation for targeted organisation and personnel development measures according to our credo: no intervention without sound analysis.

In our analyses, we rely on discussions with you and your management as well as on scientifically based diagnostic procedures and carefully design employee surveys.

We provide you with management relevant information on:

  • Culture and values

  • Leadership and commitment

  • Performance and energy balance

  • Satisfaction and motivation

& Management

Strengths and development potential of the company are designed and tailored using scientific criteria, according to to your needs. We involve your employees and thus lay the foundation for a motivated and healthy workforce for the long-term success of the company.

We support you in the development of strategic development priorities for the company using a framework of well-founded management analyses.

Group and
Team analysis

Do your employees feel connected with their team? Are the framework conditions such that members of the team are satisfied and motivated so that an optimum performance can be achieved? Targeted analyses provide information needed to show what makes the team 'tick' and what the development potential is.

Co-worker and
Management analyses

Personality and potential analyses enable employees and managers to be selected and promoted according to their individual strengths. They also provide the opportunity for each one to reflect on their behaviour and thus lay the foundation for a sound cooperation and leadership development.

It is often helpful to hear more than one point of view and for this reason we use the 180 or 360 degree feedback system.

Instruments and

In the context of personality and potential analyses, we use diagnostic procedures and instruments that:

  • use scientific quality criteria sufficient to meet your needs and special needs of your employees.

  • meet your needs and special needs of your employees.


Online Profiling

First comparison of competences

Enables personal management to appropriately and effectively appoint personnel and applicants.


Check Point
360 degrees

Competence-Feedback-System for executives

Analyses the competence of the executives in order to promote them according to their individual strengths.


Profiles OMA


Analyses strategic development priorities within the organisation and at the same time provides an assessment of future developments in all management areas.


Team Analysis

Performance analyses

Identifies the skills and characteristics that determine whether or not a team is capable of selfcontrol, is capable of mastering difficult situations and to challenge competition.


Executive Talent

Competence analysis

Assessment of executive competence in order to promote according to individual strengths, at the same time providing a foundation for strategic initiative for future development in talent management.


Sales Checkpoint


The 180 degree Feedback-System identifies individual development areas of employees in marketing. It helps to optimise and increase development in marketing productivity as well as customer satisfaction.


Culture analysis

Core beliefs made visible

A culture analysis brings deep-rooted core beliefs to the surface that are to be found in the company. It is then possible to work on attitudes to consolidate or change company cultures.



Measure what the team stands for

The Commitment-Index measures valid, normative and emotional commitment related to individuals, the team and the organisation.



Energy management

The E-Selfcoaching Platform helps to identify risks in an organisation, in teams, individual executives and employees.

The self-help approach makes for more efficiency, effectiveness and vital energy.



Unlock the power of the people

Not all high performers are easy to spot. And equally so the wrong people. PI helps you successfully select, hire and onboard only the best-fitting candidates.

Identify employees with the natural ability to lead and realize how to best develop them into great leaders of tomorrow.



Interpretation of potential

The Learning Indicator is a modern assessment that is timed and measures general cognitive or mental ability.

It predicts learning ability, faster knowledge acquisition, thinking through complexity, adapting to change and advanced problem solving.



Enhancing talent assessment with a contemporary, high performing solution

Highly relevant, simple to use and cost-effective, the e-Guide helps you in preparing structured interviews quickly, asking the right questions and calibrating candidates fairly and objectively.



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The history of morciano global inc. began in 2007 with the founding of wider & morciano Ltd. The company seat has been in Bern since that time. Today the owners are Franco Morciano and Mario Morciano and our team currently consists of 10 co-workers.

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